Smealer™ - Vacuum Sealer (Bags Included)

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Save ingredients for later

You bought a huge bunch of cilantro for a recipe that calls for just a tablespoon. And now you're stuck with a bunch of leftovers that will wilt in a matter of days. Or, your tomato plant is producing more tomatoes than you can give away, but you don't want your precious fruit to go to waste.
The Vacuum Sealer can help preserve fruits, vegetables, herbs and other ingredients for weeks in the refrigerator or months in the freezer.

Save time and money

Seal family-sized portions of meals or individual portions of snacks or vegetables and freeze. When it’s time to eat, fix the portions you need and you’re done. This is especially useful when cooking sous vide – pop the portions you need into your pot and cook until done. Dinner is served. 
Buying meats in bulk, dividing into meal-sized portions and sealing allows you to have fresh meat on hand for up to 6 months. This leads to an incredible cost savings over buying your meat from the counter before every meal.

Slow down meat oxidation

Vacuum sealing maintains bag treatment height hypoxia and suppresses bacterial growth to achieve longer shelf life. Moisture can be isolated from the air and cannot penetrate into the surface of the product. A cooked meal can be directly heated in the microwave straight from the bag.

How to use and what includes?

The Vacuum Sealer is extremely easy to use as you can see in the animation. The package includes an English manual and 10 Smealer™ bags (5x 12x20cm + 5x 20x25cm. You can use many different plastic bags, but you can also buy the specialized Smealer™ Pro Bags for the ultimate experience.

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