Garden Fence 196.9"x31.5" Reed

$ 44.99

This garden fence, with a total length of 16.4', could perfectly get your private garden space fenced up, serving as a great nature decor at the same time.

  • Natural and long-lasting: This fence panel is made of reed. Reed as a natural material, boasts good breathability and a low odor. Reeds fencing naturally resists water, and can last for many years.
  • Wide applications: This reed fence has a wide range of functions, such as enclosing your private garden space, decorating your backyard, adding a tropical feel to your patio, as a nice backdrop, etc.
  • Easy to install: This reed screen can be easily attached to any railings or posts with ties, staples or screws.
  • Material: Reed, metal wire
  • Size (unrolled): 196.9" x 31.5" (L x H)

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