Reusable Rolls

$ 24.90

Smealer™ Reusable Rolls helps you keep your food fresh for longer in the fridge, freezer and cupboard. By removing the air and extending the freshness of food for up to five times longer, your food will stay fresh in the freezer for months, even years – without freezer burn. Cheese stays in the fridge for months and fresh produce can last for weeks.

  • The rolls are 197" which means they last very long
  • Ideal for vacuum sealing food or re-sealing leftovers to keep food fresher for up to 5 times longer
  • Cut to desired size then wash and re-use
  • Suitable for use in fridge, freezer, microwave and simmer-proof
  • BPA-free 5-ply build
  • Simply wash the rolls inside to reuse them

Smealer™ Rolls are safe to freeze, simmer or microwave. They are constructed from strong 5-ply material with special channels designed to enable complete removal of air, meaning there is none trapped in ‘pockets’ around the food that can contribute towards freezer burn and compromise freshness. All Smealer™ Rolls are BPA-free – safe for all the family.

*Please note: The shipping time for rolls can be delayed up to 2 additional weeks due to high amount of orders. 

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